While backpacking Europe in the long cold winter every man must weather alone, Ralph bought his first film SLR. Sitting with a bottle of Chianti and a notebook on the piazza in small-town Italy, he began crafting his signature style. He also learned that with a camera, you are both invisible and unstoppable- you can go anywhere, and people believe you. His first assignment came that same day, when the town mayor, observing Ralph in the café, approached him and asked him to record the WW2 Independence Day celebrations the following week. Marching bands, old men in weathered suits, cobbled alleys, and their ubiquitous Tuscan light- it was hard not to see magic.

Since then, he has had two photographic exhibitions, and his clients have included Unilever, the Department of Health, Drake & Scull Facilities Management, Meropa Communications, Pulp Films, and the Inkosi Luthuli Central Hospital.

Along the way he built up a legendry café, collected vintage sports cars, learned to sail a yacht, consulted to restaurants, and closed a wrought iron manufacturing business (the most difficult thing I have ever done!).

In 2005, he and his surprisingly supportive wife bought a caravan, and together they explored and documented small towns across South Africa for 7 months, during which time he perfected cooking lamb chops on coals, and setting up tents in the wind.

He is currently practicing improving his parenting skills, and planning his band's next live gig. He usually spends the first two hours each day adoring his son, and watching the early morning sun ignite the sky over the city. Ralph is available for assignments, weddings and portraits across South Africa.